Shane's 2019 Goals


  • 1 RAOK (random act of kindness) per week

  • 1 major CZ (comfort zone) exit per week 🎢


  • Baptize 1 person, bring to faith 🙏🏼


  • Active 4 times per week (gym, running, yoga, hiking, salsa💃🏼)


  • 1 Call/FT per week with Mom and/or Dad and/or Taylor



  • Earn $120,053+ from Jan 1-Dec 31 2019 (+1 stream of income) 💰

  • Win Best Evaluator, Best Speech, and Best Table Topic at Toast Masters

  • Shake hands & meet with 365 CEOs/VCs/co-founders/business owners 

The views expressed are solely those of Shane Ray Martin and are not to be construed to represent the views of SFSP, Poll Everywhere, or any other affiliates, partners, or otherwise.


Text Shane directly at 480-619-9239 if you have questions, need prayer, or would like to connect