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Meet Shane 

Shane is a negotiator, mediator, peacemaker, real estate investor, ultra marathon runner, commercially-rated pilot, and philanthropist.


Shane is certified in negotiation by Yale University and Harvard Law School.


Peacemaking is his top priority. Before devoting his full-time work to solving international conflicts, Shane served at the National Suicide Hotline, which has supported 12.5 million at-risk callers since 2005.

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What People Are Saying About Shane

I know Shane and have seen him continue to invest in his passion for negotiating. He is always looking to make connections and learn the latest research to improve his skills. Shane knows how to ask questions and LISTEN to the answers, He also has the patience and curiosity necessary to build long-term relationships. Because he is a good listener and truly interested in learning about people, Shane connects effectively with people of all backgrounds. If you engage him to work with you or for you on important negotiations, you will achieve better results.

Susan Borke, J.D., Negotiation Trainer

Work Alongside Shane

Learn more about Shane's private engagements focused on negotiation, mediation, peacemaking, technology, investing, and personal branding.

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