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I've been applying what I learned from Shane about negotiation - everything has improved dramatically. It's easier for me to prepare, ask questions, and now I have more confidence going into my most difficult conversations at work. Shane is knowledgeable, compassionate, and wants to serve those he's around. He's not just a talker, he's a do-er!

Tejal Kanabar, Manager

Shane knows how to ask questions and LISTEN to the answers. He also has the patience and curiosity necessary to build long-term relationships. Because he is a good listener and truly interested in learning about people, Shane connects effectively with people of all backgrounds. If you engage him to work with you or for you on important negotiations, you will achieve better results.

Susan Borke, J.D. (She/Her), Negotiation Trainer

One of the most notable and unique characteristics about Shane was how he adapted to feedback. First, he asks at the right frequency, is always open, and second, he uses that feedback more than most people to to actually grow. 

Jeff Vyduna, CEO

To put it simply, Shane is the embodiment of sheer determination and compassion. Rarely does one meet an individual who not only pushes themselves to do great things, but further extends their sphere of responsibility solely for the benefit of others. Everything from putting in extra hours, to taking extra classes outside of work, to giving his time to take calls for the suicide prevention hotline — Shane does it all and well.

Everett John Morgan, Senior Engineer

Shane took on all the challenges we threw at him in Enterprise sales and closed or developed major Fortune 20 deals from the ground up.

Robert Graham, CEO

I was preparing to negotiate a big deal and I thought to connect with Shane. He was willing to listen and understand my situation. He provided me with practical negotiation methods, communication tactics, and gave me the confidence to get a good deal.

Mikel Mangold, CEO & Author

Shane exudes a positivity that changes the energy level of any room.

Manoj Aggarwal, Amazon

Shane is an incredibly brilliant negotiator and sales expert. His enthusiastic volunteer leadership with the National Suicide Hotline in San Francisco as well as Hillsong San Francisco speaks volumes of his level of character, integrity, and spirit. Any team would benefit nicely from his exceptional energy, charisma, and coolheaded demeanor.

Jose-Andres Camacho, Dave Ramsey Companies

Shane is my teammate in a Toastmasters club. In the time I’ve known Shane, his commitment to mastering public speaking has become evident. He dedicates himself to using insight and humor to inform, influence, and inspire his audiences. He is growing into a speaker and leader who impacts a larger audience. I am grateful to witness and be part of Shane's ongoing development.

Ed Kressy, CEO & Author

Shane is one of the few individuals I have met on both a professional and personal level that has the amount of drive and dedication that most would consider unattainable. He is well known by his peers as a go-getter and always strives to make the best out of any situation he is in - even if it means putting himself at a short-term disadvantage. I think everyone should look at Shane and try to match his attitude and hunger for success in all facets of their lives. I wholeheartedly recommend Shane for any position that he seeks to attain.

Alex Mayeux, United Airlines

I can say unequivocally that I've never encountered someone so curious, so willing to learn, and so willing to work hard for every scrap as Shane. 

Rob Boone, Manager

Shane is eloquent, a voracious learner, a student of himself and his craft, and he strives to be a servant to all by utilizing his unique talents to do good in the world.

Ken Waks, Fortune 10 Company

Everyday he's ready and on task, while remaining open and available to those in need. He is an all-star negotiator that treats his clients with a lot of care and thoughtfulness.

Joy, Educator

Shane is extremely hard working. He has great vision of how to accomplish a project and gets right to work. He has real grit, and regardless of obstacles he always gets the job done. He makes things happen.

Daniel Thomas, Lockheed Martin

Shane is a sales and negotiation pro that I love working with. He's honest, sincere and a great guy.

Mark Raffan, CEO Negotiation Ninjas

Shane epitomizes what it means to live outside one’s own comfort zone and lead with purpose.

Alex Immel, Program Manager

As a parent of young children, I’ve applied Shane’s negotiating tactics during some of my toughest parenting moments, and they’ve worked beautifully! Shane’s counsel and guidance regarding negotiation has enabled me to enjoy parenting more and worry less.

Polly Sapakie, Adjunct Professor
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